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Mission: Transform the lives of our youth one at a time. We seek to build confident leaders who posses the commitment, integrity, attitude of excellence, health and knowledge to reach their full potential in track and Field.

Description: This Club is dedicated to providing our youth with the opportunity to participate in the sport of track and field in a Environment of excellence and good sportsmanship. All coaches are Level I certified and possess an excellent variety of experience and expertise.

Winter Season: February-April During our pre-season athletes train 2-3 days a week. Develop and enhance athlete's coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, and drills/Tech to prepare the athletes for the Developmental Series.

Summer Season: May - July Developmental series is a series of five track meet that give athletes an opportunity to compete with other athletes in the Delaware Valley and surrounding area, each child can participate in specific event areas such as Middle and long distance running, field event, Throwing event, and spiriting. Competition is divided into age group for males and females. This series prepare athletes, for Association, Reginal, and National Jumior Olympic championships

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday

Time: 6:00pm to 8:20pm

Registration Payment: $185.00

Payment Schedule: (3 payment of $61.00 each cover Uniform, Developmental Meets fees and Association only)

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