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Who We Are

Generations Health Systems is an initiative created in cooperation with Bethany Baptist Church and David G. Evans Ministries to coordinate all areas of health and wellness under one hub to streamline our resources specific to the health care needs of our community in and around the Delaware Valley.

Our Mission

To be the conduit of health and wellness resources that empower, educate and motivate individuals to make health a priority!

Generations Health Systems believes that it will take an entire community of health and wellness providers, who are willing to link together their resources, to address the many facets of health care needs in our area neighborhoods. Many times, we are unaware of the health and wellness services that are available and it is our hope that through this site we will be able to connect you to the agencies and resources needed.

Below is a brief synopsis of the information that you will find under each tab and where applicable, the health care provider and the services they offer.

Physical Health 

Our Partners, the Way of Escape is a health and wellness program with a focus on prevention, detection and management of Diabetes. A variety of events and initiatives are held throughout the year to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes, particularly when left undiagnosed or untreated. Way of Escape has a two-fold purpose:

  • Stop the spread of complications for diabetics
  • Prevent development of diabetes in at-risk populations

Mental Health 

Our Partners, the Breath of Life Counseling program provides the very best in confidential counseling for individual, families, and couples. The goal of the program is to help strengthen, encourage, and empower individuals, marriages, and families to live a full and satisfying life through their counseling, training, and mentoring services. From support groups and seminars, to personal counseling and crisis intervention, they can meet your deepest needs.


Our Partners, the Dream Challenge is a health, wellness and fitness program sponsored by David G. Evans Ministries that has been designed to assist clients in achieving their own personal health/fitness goals by promoting a healthy lifestyle change that will ultimately affect the clients perception of themselves while working towards developing the type of physique and the physical vitality that they have lost through improper nutrition. It is a personal challenge that the clients make to themselves to get into the best shape of their lives. Clients are provided with practical information on nutrition, exercise, health and body perception that impacts “The Total Body.”


Each month Generations Health Systems will provide nutritional information that will keep you informed on the latest nutritional facts, resources, tips, menus, or recipes that encourages healthy eating. Our goal is to aid you in learning practical information in an exciting and helpful way. We believe that healthy eating is the antidote for a healthy body!

Monthly Health Highlight

Each month Generations Health Systems will highlight a health topic that will keep you informed on the latest health trends, provide you resources for local services and events, and support you in promoting a healthy life style. Our goal is to help you learn viable information in a fun and informative way.

Calendar of Events

Our calendar of events has been designed to provide you with upcoming fitness activities sponsored by the Dream Challenge Health, Wellness, and Fitness as well as a schedule of meetings, workshops and other events sponsored by various organizations specific to our health topic of the month!

National Affiliation

As we continue to grow and develop we look forward to creating a network of national partnerships that include the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Aides Coalition!

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